How to create a rustic looking chair:

I got this wooden chair for my dining room table and I just couldn’t help but feel that it was missing something. I love furniture that has character; I especially love when furniture has an antique look to it. Finally I decided that this chair needed some color and chose pale green colored paint. Since I wanted a rustic look I chose a matte sheen latex paint, which is good to use on wood and wouldn’t have a shiny or reflective surface. In order to create a worn, chipped paint look I used a regular household sponge to paint the wood. Using a regular sponge allows you to create streaks with multiple dimensions so that some areas look as though they have been faded and that the paint is wearing away. In some areas you may want to apply an additional coat of paint, but try not to add too much paint or it will cover up the worn look effect you are creating. After you’ve finished painting the entire surface of your chair let it sit for several hours to dry and then it will be ready to use!


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