Proud to be an American


So I have to admit I am one of those cheesey people who sometimes…okay, usually dresses up on holidays. On Memorial Day I tend to pull out the red, white, and blue, this year was no exception. I went all American with a vintage styled America t-shirt, this is one of those comfy favorite tees that you want to wear a little big. With a slightly oversized tee I like to cuff the sleeves and tuck it in to create a more flattering fit which is enhanced even more by the fact that my denim button down skirt is high-waisted. Oversized tees and sweaters are great, but can go horribly wrong very quickly. The trick with oversized shirts is knowing how to style them right, you want them to look cute, grungy, and flattering not like the shirt is drowning on you.

The high-waisted denim button down skirt has a great vintage style to it with it’s a-line cut. The rivet button down front draws ones attention to this skirt’s great detailing which includes it’s front pouch pockets  along the princess seams. Mixing metals for this outfit with silver and gold rings, earrings, and necklace is not only a perfect metaphor for a country known for being a melting pot, but also adds to the overall look. The vegan leather strapped watch with gold detailing also mixes in with the mixed metal jewelry to complete the look. IMG_2472


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