Bottle Cap Key Chain


A perfect DIY keepsake, and a great gift full of memories.


I love keeping those little reminders after a special date, usually it’s a ticket stub that I throw in a box of keepsakes until I have time to scrapbook. During the summer Mitch and I like to enjoy the outdoors, but when it comes to a picnic it’s hard to come up with a little keepsake to throw in a scrapbook so I decided to get a bit more creative.


I kept the caps from our Coca-Cola bottles, at the time I had no idea what I was going to do with them but I knew I wanted to associate it with our photo from that day. I started to think about photos in lockets and came up with this bottle cap key chain as a result.

dscn1312-kcWhat you’ll need:  

– Bottle Cap

– Locket Sized Picture

– Nail

– Hammer

– One 12-15mm Key Ring


– One 25-30mm Key Ring

– Scissors or X-Acto Knife

– Pencil

– Hot Glue Gun

– Hot Glue Sticks

– Mod-Podge (Matte Finish)


Start by flattening out the edges of the bottle cap with the hammer. You don’t want to flatten it out too much because you want to keep that bottle cap shape, you just want to create a little extra width for the photo.   dscn1313-kc





Then take your nail and hammer, use your hammer to pound the nail through the center top of your bottle cap to create your key hole. Remove the nail after you have made the hole.



Now insert the 12-15mm key ring through the hole you made in the bottle cap. Take your 25-30mm key ring and slide it around the smaller key ring you just attached.


Take your bottle cap and place it over the locket sized photo you have, tracing the bottle cap with your pencil. I find it easiest when the photo is flipped over so you can see the line you’re making. After tracing the bottle cap cut your photo out along your pencil line.


Now it’s time to heat up your glue sticks in your hot glue gun, once it is ready use it to fill your bottle cap (filling the indent to make the surface level).










Once the hot glue has hardened take the photo you’ve cut out and mod-podge it onto the glued surface of your bottle cap.





Just wait for the mod-podge to dry and your bottle cap key chain is complete!




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