Stocking Stuffers for Him


I love Christmas time, but when it comes to Christmas shopping it can sometimes be very stressful trying to come up with the perfect gifts, especially when you have to worry about size restrictions when it comes stocking stuffers. I’ve racked my brain to come up with great stocking stuffers for my boyfriend that are sentimental and not so generic.

Here are a few ideas that hopefully he will love, and of course you can modify to make it more personal for your special guy!

I filled my stocking for him with:

  • Travel Size Cologne
  • Mints (in a mustache tin)
  • Guitar Pick (I sketched out a heart with our initials in it& an arrow to personalize it!)
  • Mini Bottle of  Jack Daniel’s (choose his favorite liquor)
  • Shot Glass (I found a mason jar ceramic shot glass with  ‘L’chaim’ engraved on it, a Hebrew saying which means “cheers.” There are so many unique shot glasses you can find at cool little stores, so look for something that’s personal to him!)
  • Pocket Sized Book (I found this little pocket sized book with a selection Edgar Allan Poe’s works. I am a big Edgar Allan Poe fan, but my boyfriend hasn’t really read much if any of his work so it’s a great way for me to share a bit of my likes with him. Try to find a pocket size book that’s special to one or both of you!)
  • Mini Figurine or Toy (Have fun with this one, I chose this little Gumby figurine because it was sentimental to me and I got to tell him the story behind it when I gave him it in his stocking.)

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