For the Record


I love record shopping, sometimes it’s a hit or miss experience but when you find a hidden treasure you’ve been searching for it’s a pretty great day. I recently discovered the store Good Records NYC and instantly fell in love. This place has a way of drawing one in, it’s a small store but it has a big allure to it. Good Records NYC’s pink exterior with white trimming makes me feel as though I have stepped out of Manhattan and into a world created by Wes Anderson.















The record store has a great selection of vinyl, the selection varies from vintage records all the way to newly released records. Their selection of older records is much larger than their newer records, with a variety of genres.
















And who can resist their $5 Dolla Holla section, you never know what kind of surprises you’ll find in this section and for such a great deal. Another plus about this store that I haven’t found at others is that it has record players with headphones available to listen to any of the records you’re interested in. Overall the store offers a great reclusive feel to just relax, shop, and listen to music. So if you find yourself in the East Village you should stop in and see what kind of treasures you can find to add to your collection.



Good Records NYC

218 E 5th St.
New York, NY 10003


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