Those Chilly Spring Days

Spring should be in full bloom at this point with May coming to an end and summer being just around the corner and yet we keep getting these cold spring days that feel more like the beginning of fall instead of the end of spring. I am more than ready for tank tops and sun dresses, but instead I find myself pulling out my fuzzy long sleeve cardigan and a long sleeve bateau neck cropped ribbed shirt. I continued my all black look by pairing it with black high waisted jeans and black high heeled combat boots. I love cropped tops but they can easily look trashy so my rule of thumb is to keep them classy simply pair them with high waisted bottoms.


I completed this look with a few key accessories. My slouchy knit hat kept in that extra warmth I needed. I then added a bit of shine to this dark outfit with a few gold elements. The gold chain and exposed zipper on my faux suede and leather purse brings that gleam to an otherwise dark outfit. I completed the look with my favorite gold beaded choker, I love what a statement piece this choker is with it’s complex layered beading it has such dimension that really draws the eye in. What makes this choker even better is that it is up cycled and sustainably sourced jewelry that is handmade and can be made to order at . A statement choker combined with textured fabrics can make an all black outfit not so basic, it’s all just about the right combinations.




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