Kissable Lips


In honor of Nation Lipstick Day I wanted to share about my favorite lip products. Chapped lips is a problem I use to struggle with, so I was so excited when I found some Mary Kay products that solved my problem. Now I’m not normally a big Mary Kay girl, but when I ran across their satin lips products I was happily impressed with the results.


Their lip mask is a great exfoliant that will get off all the dry, chapped skin. Their lip balm is my nightly go to, it has me waking up with soft & smooth lips.


I prefer my lips to be more of a soft matte during the day and their lip balm is very glossy so I use it at night when it really locks in all of the moisture your lips need. For my daily smooth matte finish I switch between different lipsticks and tinted lip balms, but I have found Marc Jacobs lipstick to be one of the best matte finishes & their colors are always very bold which is a plus too.


That is my regular lip routine for soft, kissable lips, I hope these products are as useful for you as they have been for me & Happy National Lipstick Day!



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